Account Receivable Management (ARM)

Accounts Receivable Management and Commercial Debt Collection

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) refers to more than debt collection, and includes a series of policies and practices that should be in place and followed before any business makes a sale.

Without proper systems in place, your business is unnecessarily exposed to cash flow risks from the moment it makes the first sale. Is your company ARMed?

Because you or your employees may not have the time or capability to keep track of outstanding invoices, you need a dedicated resource. In order to maintain a positive ongoing relationship with your customers and vendors, that resource needs to establish and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Furthermore, you will need someone with creativity and common sense to evaluate the best way to achieve the greatest return from any particular debtor, including litigation if necessary.

Klingman Law, LLC provides Accounts Receivable Management service for small to midsize companies. As with our approach to commercial litigation, our ARM services are competitively priced and will be fully aligned with the needs and the goals of your business.

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