Corporate Advice and Consulting

Practical counsel any business needs

Whether considering an important contract or conducting due diligence for a strategic acquisition, business owners often need experienced advice to avoid costly problems in the future.

Over the course of his career, Patrick A. Klingman has become adept at spotting potential troublesome issues in a wide variety of settings, which gives him a practical insight and perspective when providing advice and counsel to corporations and other businesses.

Klingman Law, LLC will review your proposed agreement, address the regulatory implications of a change in your business or conduct an internal audit or review. We have the knowledge and experience to ask the important questions now – while you still have time to maneuver.
Small and midsize companies cannot afford to enter into a new relationship without an appreciation of potential pitfalls. Don’t risk everything you have worked for.

Contact us to learn how Klingman Law, LLC can act as your general counsel.