Common Sense Solutions for Business Disputes

No matter the size of your business or the scope of your dispute,
Klingman Law will work hard to get you a favorable result

Commercial litigation is a daunting prospect, especially for a smaller company

Klingman Law has deep and diverse experience resolving all manner of business disputes for small companies and large enterprises alike
If another company has wronged your business or accused you of wrongdoing, we will strive to find a cost-effective solution for your dispute. Whether in Federal or State Court, arbitration or mediation, Klingman Law will work for you to achieve the best possible resolution. Klingman Law also offers consulting services that will help you avoid such disputes in the future.
Patrick A. Klingman, the Firm’s principal, has over 30 years of experience with complex, often multi-party litigation in areas ranging from antitrust and securities fraud, breach of licensing agreements, supplier contracts, to partnership and employment disputes. Patrick answers his own phone and is available for direct consultation. Litigation is expensive enough, so the Firm passes on the benefits of its low overhead to our clients. We also offer alternative fee arrangements for small businesses that cannot afford overstaffed, pricey law firms.

Let Klingman Law work with you to protect and further the goals of your business, or achieve a workable exit.

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